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How to

Wall Murals

We recommend that two people hang the wall mural together to help achieve the best results.

Tools you'll need: Tape measure, spirit level, pencil, Stanley knife/cutting knife, straight edge (for trimming).


It is important that you follow the full installation guide that will be supplied with your wall mural.

We recommend that these murals are installed on smooth wall surfaces that are painted white but if the image is very dark, a dark paint may give a better finish.


Step 1

First, you need to determine the size of the wall mural. Measure the length and height of the wall(s), factoring in the room's windows and doors. Check if the size is within our standard measurements. If you cannot find your wall size, please contact us.


Step 2

Remove nails and fill in holes with wall filler (if necessary). Then wipe down the walls with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust or grease residue. This is especially important if you're hanging wallpaper in a kitchen. The walls should be completely dry before adding the paper. Also remove all outlet and light switch plates.


Step 3

Create a guideline using a spirit level and tape measure by drawing a straight line vertically, a panel's width in from the edge of the wall. Remember to deduct the measurement of the bleed/extra bit of paper. This will help you guide your panel into place to ensure it's applied straight.


Step 4

Take your first panel and carefully peel a small amount of the top of the mural from the backing paper. Apply the top of the panel to the wall, ensuring that the right hand edge aligns with your vertical line. Carefully peel away the rest of the mural from the backing paper and gently apply it to the wall working down towards the bottom of the panel. If you need to re-position any part of the panel, simply peel the appropriate amount away from the wall and re-apply. Gently smooth out the mural as you go.


Step 5

Apply the second and subsequent panels, making sure that that the panels are laid are edge to edge without overlapping and without leaving any gaps. Ensure that the pattern or image matches up as you apply each panel.


Step 6

When all panels have been installed, carefully trim the top, bottom and far left and right sides of your mural with a sharp blade.